Installation and Care


Installation of post

Preferred Method.- To avoid ground contact, trim post to desired length and use Superspike Fence Spike model #44S (or equivalent), which is available in hardware stores such as Home Depot & Lowe's in the Mail Box Dept.

Alternative Method.- Coat portion of post which has contact with the soil with ground contact wood preservative such as Cuprinol Wood Preservative Green No. 10. Place the post in the ground about 16". To straighten the post, align a level on the seam down the middle. Backfill the hole with a bag of concrete mix (such as Sakrete -- dry is OK - then tamp until solid.


Your Lampscape cedar post will require some maintenance. It has been initially dipped in clear exterior sealer, but as there is much end grain of the wood exposed and in order to minimize cracking and checking, it is recommended that sealer be reapplied once a year. I like CWF by Floods the best.


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For copper lamptop

The Lampscape top is initially sprayed with Krylon for protection during handling. In time, the coating will weather away and the patina will change in response to the environment.

The socket is UL approved, and it is recommended that light bulb should be no larger than 100 watts. Check alignment of glass lenses.

NOTE: Cords supplied for free-standing Lampscapes are for interior use only.


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